Labor Law

Labor law in Ukraine is flexible and oriented primarily to employees. Income taxes in the country are high. According to a law passed in 2010, the tax authorities of Ukraine have the powers to make inspections under the labor legislation. Therefore, owners and managers of enterprises need legal advice of competent professionals in this field.
In implementing this right, citizens often have controversial questions since the amount of social guarantees and benefits provided by law is unknown to the employee. In particular it is:
• The right for work;
• The right for free choice of profession, occupation and employment;
• The right for rest;
• The right for safe and healthy working conditions;
• The right for participation in enterprise or organization’s management;
• The right for material security as social insurance in old age and in the case of the disease, total or partial disability;
• The right for material assistance in the event of unemployment;
• The right for resort to the court to resolve labor disputes;
• Obtaining permits to employ foreign citizens;
• Advising on dismissals and layoffs.
And if there are circumstances that violate the rights and interests for employment, settlement of dispute is possible only in court, you should use the services of a lawyer, as an independent solution of the problem is not always effective.
Employees of the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” will answer any questions in the field of labor legislation and provide adequate legal protection of your interests.