Construction and real estate. Property rights protection.

Construction and real estate. Property rights protection.

«The benefit of investing in real estate does not depend on bankers and tax laws. It depends only on you.»

The lawyers of the “Kravets & Partners” have many years of experience in supporting agreements related to real estate. We know how to make it safe to invest in real estate, buy and sell residential, commercial real estate or land.

Within the framework of the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners”, even a separate project Home Legal Protection has been created, whose lawyers specialize exclusively in cases related to construction and real estate.

For those people, who plan to buy a home, we have developed a unique algorithm for comprehensive real estate verification, which allows buyers to get rid of 96% of possible risks, and the result of such verification is a detailed written conclusion. At the same time, full verification takes place in a particularly short time – up to two business days.

Unfortunately, today in Ukraine each 12th real estate agreement contains signs of fraud. In addition, there is a number of other threats, such as unfair sellers, illegal construction, unfair contract terms and many others. Our lawyers know how to identify such threats and how to eliminate them. On the project site Home Legal Protection ( you can learn more about the algorithms and working conditions of lawyers, read legal reviews of some residential complexes and look through interesting and useful articles on the subject of real estate.

In addition, the lawyers of the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” are also engaged in judicial practice and out-of-court conflict resolution. Therefore, if you have already got into an unpleasant situation, we will be able to protect your rights or refund the money as efficiently and quickly as possible. We have a number of successful practical cases of judicial protection of clients, including the persons, who have suffered from fraud in the real estate market, so we will definitely be able to offer the most comfortable solution to your question.

Also, our specialized lawyers have extensive knowledge of real estate rental, lease contracts. Therefore, if necessary, real estate lawyers will draw up a unique real estate lease contract for you and will be able to help you support a real estate lease agreement.

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