Corporate Law / M & A

Corporate law is a foundation of conducting business in today’s world, and is a branch of law that regulates the legal status, incorporation, management and liquidation of legal entities of different organizational forms and relationships that arise between the owners of corporate rights. Corporate rights – are the rights of a person whose share is defined in the authorized capital of legal persons, including the right for management, receiving the profits (dividends) and assets in the event of legal entity’s liquidation. Gaps of the current legislation do not allow to regulate relations clearly and effectively in the field of corporate law, which leads to a violation of the corporate rights of participants of these relationships and the persons whose rights have been violated often even do not know about it. A corporate lawyer will help you to protect your corporate rights and to use them in full. A list of his tasks in addition to the development of founding documents, registration of legal entity, includes consulting on the following:

• Choice of organizational and legal form of legal entity;

• Forming the statutory fund by contributions of cash, securities, movable and immovable property;

• Optimization of control superior body’s activity;

• Reorganization or liquidation of the legal entity;

• Exclusion of corporate rights, etc.;

• Consulting on the corporate legislation of Ukraine;

• Registration of legal entities of different organizational and legal forms and their separate subdivisions;

• Obtaining various licenses and permits necessary for carrying out economic activities;

• Consulting on the protection of the shareholders and members’ rights of business entities;

One way to implement corporate rights is a concession of share in the statutory fund of legal entity, while, as a rule, there are conflicts among the participants conjugated with restrictions on the alienation of shares to third parties. Settlement of such corporate conflicts is advisable to entrust to a specialist in corporate law and the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” offers you to use the practical experience gained by our staff in this branch of law.