Corporate Law / M & A

Corporate Law / M & A

The organization and conduct of business is inextricably linked with corporate law, which includes, among other things: registration of business entities (including creation of their associations), reorganization and their liquidation, legal settlement of legal relations between participants of legal entities, resolution of corporate disputes, organization of business entities and their management bodies, representation of interests in illegal takeover, etc.

Most often clients turn to the specialists of our firm for the following services:

  • consultations on any issues in the field of corporate law;
  • creation, registration of changes, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of any organizational and legal forms (including those ones, the participants of which are foreign individuals and legal entities);
  • legal analysis of current constituent documents of legal entities and development of the specified documents (taking into account the characteristics of a specific situation);
  • registration of property rights of business entities to movable and immovable property, its use and alienation;
  • support of transactions on acquisition of corporate rights (operating business), entry and exit of persons from the list of participants (shareholders) of legal entities;
  • support in resolving disputes related to implementation and protection of corporate rights (disputes between participants, between participants and management bodies, disputes on invalidation of transactions, etc.);
  • support in resolving disputes on invalidation of decisions of management bodies of legal entities and agreements concluded by legal entities;
  • support in resolving disputes on cancellation of registration actions and invalidation of documents on the basis of which they were conducted;
  • comprehensive representation of interests in the illegal takeover of legal entities.

The specialists of our firm have extensive experience and use a comprehensive approach to solving any issue. When providing services, we investigate the specifics of a particular area of the client, take into account all possible legal risks and analyze each specific situation through the prism of various branches of law (corporate, tax, labour, economic, antitrust law, legislation on licensing of business activities, etc.).

Qualitative legal support at any stage of creation and operation of your business will help you avoid possible mistakes, problems and disputes (or significantly facilitate and speed up the process of solving problematic issues), which, in turn, will give you the opportunity to focus all your efforts, finances and time on development of your business.

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