Tax law. Tax disputes.

Tax law. Tax disputes.

Tax disputes are one of the most popular practices in the modern world. It is impossible to conduct successful business activities without taking into account the specifics of the tax legislation.

Payment of taxes and fees is an important and mandatory branch activities that concerns all business entities. On the one hand, the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must constantly comply with the rules established by the state, and on the other hand, they strive to minimize their expenses and increase profitability.

Given that this particular branch of legislation is constantly being updated, such terms and conditions shall determine the need to monitor these legislative changes, so that later they could be taken into account in conducting your own business. Practical application of the Ukrainian laws largely depends on the position of the state authorities and services, as well as on the established judicial practice.

Professional legal support is necessary to avoid unplanned or undesirable consequences for the business in general or for individual transactions.

When communicating with the tax authorities, the officials of the enterprise must act in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, know and use their rights in full, as well as have the necessary information about the rights and obligations of regulatory authorities, the types of inspections carried out, the procedure for conducting them, registration of results, as well as the procedure for appealing against the decisions or actions of the officials, in order to be able to prevent about violations by the inspection authorities.

In addition, the business entities must critically approach to selection of contractors and responsibly approach to preparation of primary documents based on the results of business transactions.

The above tasks are easy to accomplish with assistance of the competent lawyer, who will check the future contractor, control the correctness of the primary documents and take responsibility for interaction with the regulatory authorities with the subsequent resolutions of legal issues that arise. Our participation will be useful in appealing the decisions of the tax authorities at any stage of its implementation.

The Law firm "Kravets & Partners" shall provide the following services in the field of tax law:

In addition, we offer our clients a full range of legal services in the field of tax planning and optimization using foreign jurisdictions, advices on application of the double taxation agreements, advices on selection of the place of registration (territory and jurisdiction), legal form, determination of composition of the founders and equity shares, advices for the legal entities and individuals on all tax issues, advices on taxation of foreign investments, as well as other tax law issues.

When providing advices in the field of tax law, we primarily strive to develop practical and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients in all aspects of their activities and transactions in the domestic and international markets.

We offer a full range of legal services to both corporate clients and private persons, namely:
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