Medical law. Protection of the rights of patients and doctors.

Medical law. Protection of the rights of patients and doctors.

Health is the highest social value, and the work of medical workers is one of the most difficult and important ones.

Managers of healthcare institutions and / or doctors themselves quite often neglect the important legal requirements in the field of medical services, which can lead to negative consequences for both the clinic in general and the doctor in particular.

The lawyers of the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” are professional specialists with many years of experience in the field of medicine and healthcare. In our state, there are practicing lawyers, who understand the intricacies of medical legislation and have repeatedly protected the interests of medical organizations, doctors and patients in court.

We will also help you organize the work of the medical institution in accordance with the legal requirements in the field of healthcare: clarification on licensing of medical practice, maintaining medical records, settlement of labour relations, clarification of the procedure and consequences of providing specific types of medical services, negotiating the settlement of claims of patients, protection in criminal proceedings, etc.

At the same time, patients often do not know all their rights when receiving medical services: the right to receive full information about their health status, medical procedures, manipulations, etc.; the right to secrecy about the fact of applying for medical services, diagnosis, research results, procedures performed, etc., the right to compensation for harm caused to life and/or health. In such cases, it is advisable to involve a qualified attorney.

Thus, the Law Firm "Kravets & Partners" is ready to provide the following services in this field:
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