Disputes with the authorities. Administrative process.

Disputes with the authorities. Administrative process.

Unfortunately, more and more often there is a violation of the rights of the person by the power entities, which is manifested both in the form of committing illegal actions and inaction, where the person is the weak and unprotected party.

Although currently there is an administrative process that would impose the obligation to prove the legality of behavior to the power entity, however, this principle almost never works and the person finds himself in a situation where he not only needs to declare a violation of his rights, but also independently prove that such a violation occurred solely as a result of illegal behavior of the power entity.

The complexity of these processes is that a person is limited in their resources, firstly, because of the fact that the majority of documents of evidence are held by the power entity, and secondly, the part of the legislation, which regulates the activities of the power entity, may contain restricted information and therefore can not be given to the person freely available.

In this case, an important role is played by the correctness and sequence of actions such as: filing attorney’s requests, filing petitions to the court for requesting information or documents, while it is necessary to prove why such information or documents can not be provided independently, therefore, answers-refusals to the attorney’s request will be useful here.

Administrative processes are most often advantageous in the case when a violation of an administrative procedure is proven, so it is necessary to carefully examine all the acts that determine the order of work of the power entity to the smallest details. The difficulty lies in the fact that these acts are not adapted for a broad understanding and quite often contain professional phrases and blank rules, in this case, you need the help from the lawyer, who is able to determine the scope of legislation to be applied and verify the practice of its application by national courts.

The Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” will assist you in any administrative disputes with power entities of any level, protecting your rights as your own.

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