Representation and protection of interests in courts of all jurisdictions and instances.

Representation and protection of interests in courts of all jurisdictions and instances.

Ukraine has experienced more than one judicial reform, but the judicial reform of 2016 made changes to the institution of representation, establishing an attorney’s monopoly on representation of interests in court. So, currently only attorneys can represent interests in court, which of course increased the demand for attorneys, who understand the intricacies of each individual process.

Despite the fact that the judicial reform has also brought new procedural codes – the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Legal Proceedings, our attorneys are able to navigate and apply the procedural rules and regulations at any level.

Knowledge of the legal framework, constant analysis of case law and the ability to apply it in practice is approximately 90% of success. The attorneys of the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” are well-trained professionals with extensive experience in public speaking. Perfect study of the case, drawing up behaviour strategy, collection of documents – that’s what the cost of service of representation in court consists of.

We accompany the clients at all stages of solving the task assigned to them, represent the interests of clients in courts of all jurisdictions and instances. 

Representation of interests in court includes the following services:

The main principles of our work are responsibility, objectivity, professionalism and individual approach to each client. We have been engaged in legal protection of citizens for many years, and we make very high requirements on the quality of our own services, while offering an affordable price, calculating it based on the specifics of each case. 

By contacting us, you will be convinced that we are the best.

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