Insurance law. Insurance disputes.

Insurance law. Insurance disputes.

Nowadays, there are many types of insurance: life insurance, real estate insurance, civil liability insurance for drivers and many others.

Insurance is necessary to protect against the occurrence of any events. With the help of insurance, people provide themselves with guaranteed payments in the event of adverse consequences.

At the same time, relations in the field of insurance are not easy. It is not uncommon for the insurance company to refuse to fulfill its obligations to pay the insurance amount. Therefore, when dealing with the insurance companies, it is necessary to seek the help from the attorney, who specializes in these cases, has professional knowledge in this field and experience in appealing decisions of the insurance companies.

You may need the help from the insurance lawyer in cases when:

Disputes with insurance companies are a complex procedure, as any insurance company has a full staff of lawyers, who deal only with insurance cases. Therefore, it is almost impossible for an untrained person to resolve an insurance dispute on his/her own, due to what there is a need for the services of the attorney.

The attorneys of the Law firm "Kravets & partners" will provide the following services:

The attorneys of the Law firm “Kravets & partners” have a rich, and most importantly successful experience in disputes with insurance companies. Our attorneys will do everything possible to ensure that the insurance companies fulfill their obligations to the client in full.

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