Inheritance law

Unfortunately, the joyful event of obtaining certain goods as an inheritance of property is preceded by the death of a testator.

In accordance with Art. 1216 of the Civil Code, inheritance is a transfer of rights and duties (inheritance) of the individual who has died (testator) to other persons (heir).

Moreover, it should be noted that the heir (heirs) gets all the property rights and duties that belonged to the testator at the time of inheritance opening and was not ceased as a result of his death (Article 1218 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).
The right for inheritance occurs at the time of its opening, that is, on the day of the testator’s death or the day of the announcement of his death, and place of opening will be the last place of residence of the testator, and if it is unknown, the location of his property or major portion thereof.
In Ukraine, the inheritance can be of two types: by will and by law.
While registration of inheritance right, the heirs in order to avoid negative consequences in the future, should assess the situation from a legal position, but to do it is so difficult because the personal nature of inheritance prevents correct perception of the situation.
Before registration of inheritance right, it is necessary to determine the sequence of the circle of heirs, the status of the estate –– whether it is in the common property or not and to identify persons who are dependents of the deceased.
In addition, as an inheritance can be transmitted:
• immovable property in the mortgage;
• corporate law;
• securities
and other property, for obtaining inheritance rights of which you will need competent legal support.
In this case it is better to trust a lawyer who will protect your rights and help you:
• to collect the necessary documents for submitting to the Public Notary’s Office together with a statement of inheritance’s acceptance in compliance with the deadlines established by law;
• to execute the certificate of inheritance;
• to register the property rights in the case of immovable property’s inheritance;
• in matters of taxation of the inherited estate and other matters.