Contract law

In carrying out economic activities, an enterprise is daily confronted with the need of documentary settlement of relations with counterparts, beginning with providing the necessary equipment to work and ending with the immediate implementation of key activities’ types – which leads to the conclusion of relevant agreements.
The contract may be concluded either orally or in writing. Some contracts require notarization, state registration. In addition, the current legislation of Ukraine establishes requirements for the form of a separate contract, violation of which is the basis for the recognition of the contract null and void.
One should be given proper legal assessment of the emerging legal relations to be able to foresee the unfavourable results, and if possible to eliminate all risks before signing the contract.
This aim is achieved by attracting specialists of the respective branch of the law, who will explains the legal aspects of a contract, offers solutions and ways of their implementation, minimizes the negative effects.
Thus, in the drafting the contract, a lawyer will take responsibility for the display of objectivity, the essential conditions, liability of the parties, time of execution, procedure of termination and other moments in the interests of the Client within the current legislation of Ukraine.
In the process of execution by the parties of their obligations, there are often tensions and disagreements for the solution of which the assistance of a qualified lawyer is necessary. He will help to delineate responsibility, and if necessary to make amendments to the contract or to obtain its termination, which is often a difficult task because, in accordance with Art. 651 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, amendment and termination of the contract unilaterally is impossible, and can be permitted only by agreement of the parties, but also occurs in the same form as the contract itself, and often is achieved only by going to court.
If you have a need to bring the work of a specialist in the field of jurisprudence, the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” is ready to offer you the following legal services, which list is not exhaustive:
• Legal examination of the contract;
• Legal support of the contract’s conclusion;
• Drafting of civil and commercial contracts;
• Change, amendment or termination of the contract.