Bringing to administrative responsibility

Bringing to administrative responsibility

Many citizens believe that in case of an administrative offense, it is useless to go to court – it is impossible to prove their rightness in this case. In fact, a professional administrative attorney will quickly and effectively deal with the problem and will be able to resolve the conflict: both at the pre-trial stage and in court.

If you need an administrative attorney, the optimal decision is to seek help from the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners”. Our qualified lawyers will help ensure that the rights and legitimate interests of each client are respected.

If someone wants to bring you to administrative responsibility or have already passed a resolution, we will help you appeal it. Our lawyers will explain your rights, collect evidence in the case, file a complaint, prepare a statement of claim and achieve a positive verdict.

Most often, the work of our attorneys is as follows:

With our help, you have every chance to appeal against acts of individual actions of subjects of power; protocols on traffic violations; corruption offenses. We will also protect your interests in relations with regulatory authorities, the SFS; appeal against administrative penalties in the field of construction; decision on land transfer, administrative penalties for unauthorized land use, and so on.

We shall guarantee qualitative legal support at all stages of appealing against administrative liability. The experience of our lawyers will allow you to quickly prepare the necessary documents and evidence, meet the procedural deadlines and protect your interests.

So, if you need an administrative attorney, the optimal decision is to seek help from the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners”

Make sure that your rights and legitimate interests are respected.
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