Land law. Land disputes.

Land law. Land disputes.

Land is one of the most popular real estate objects today, which is in great demand, and with the opening of the land market, it will also be the most cost-effective object.

Issues of land lease, including agricultural purposes, currently remains the most relevant, so the lease agreement or emphytevsis in this case is the most effective way to settle relations on the use of land, and the protection of your interests depends on the literacy of its writing and taking into account all the features, so in this case you should use the services of a professional attorney.

Such an institution as superficies is gaining popularity in land relations – the provision of land for use for construction. It is clear that the object of use in this case is only a plot of land earmarked for construction, and in the relations of the superficies, this development will be carried out not by the land owner, but by other person, so it is at the stage of conclusion of the contract of superficies is necessary to decide the rights of the land owner after erection of the construction and solution of the issue of prolongation of the contract or the boundaries of the easement after expiration of the contract of superficies and erection of the building, and as practice shows, only the presence of experience will allow to take into account all the rights and consequences.

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