Debt restructuring, mediation, out-of-court settlement of disputes

Debt restructuring, mediation, out-of-court settlement of disputes

With the development of economic freedom and business cooperation, the subjects of legal relations are becoming more interested in flexible, rapid forms of dispute settlement, rather than in lengthy and expensive judicial procedures. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the most effective procedure for dealing with disputes between the parties in terms of saving time and financial resources.

ADR allows not only to achieve results in the shortest possible time, but also to maintain the existing relations between partners, in order to continue mutually beneficial joint business activities. The purpose of the ADR is to find a constructive solution that is beneficial to both parties. In addition, the advantages of the ADR include privacy and confidentiality of dispute resolution.

The ADR includes negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and restructuring, which the parties resort to in order to avoid judicial review of disputes.


Mediation is one of the ways of alternative dispute resolution, which allows to satisfy the interests and needs of all parties involved in the conflict by involving the intermediary party (mediator).

As part of the mediation and restructuring practice, the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” shall represent the interests of clients in disputes in the banking, construction, oil and gas, energy, IT, telecommunication sectors, foreign trade relations, disputes with the state element, as well as in protection of the rights of foreign creditors.

The Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” shall provide full legal support for mediation, from providing preliminary consultation to actual dispute resolution and fulfillment of the obligations by the parties in accordance with the agreements reached. Our role is to find completely new options of solution to the problem and coordinate solution to the conflict with all parties.


In the present context, the term “restructuring” is used in two meanings – restructuring obligations, debt, which means any change in terms of repayment obligations, as well as business restructuring – a complex of measures and structural reforms with the aim of bringing the company from a crisis situation, ensuring a profitable activity of the company, as well as the full implementation of obligations to counterparties.

For the purpose of qualitative implementation of restructuring projects, the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” successfully applies the experience of companies from France, Germany, the United States of America, Great Britain, etc. The experience of employees of the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” includes negotiating with counterparties, restructuring agreements, obligations, developing business process models, and allows us to successfully implement complex restructuring projects.

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