Antitrust and competition law

Antitrust and competition law

Competition is an integral part of economic activity, which, in addition, has a direct impact on development of the economy, technology and everyday life of people. At the same time, business entities, as well as the state are interested as a whole in ensuring that competition takes place through strict compliance with legal norms and in accordance with business practices.

Compliance with the rules of fair competition and protection of their rights in case of unfair actions of competitors is relevant for business, regardless of the country, in which it is located.

At the same time, conduct of business in Ukraine, in addition to knowledge of competition law, shall require an understanding of the status and exclusive powers of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, as well as the principles of its work.

Joining the World Trade Organization, the European integration of Ukraine, the constant globalization of markets and the growth of competition shall require business to plan a cost-effective development strategy, increase competitiveness in compliance with competition law and responsible planning of contracts and transactions.

This requires from law firms, which support business activities, knowledge and practical experience that cover the entire range of issues related to antitrust, competition law, tracking market dynamics and factors that affect them, as well as the latest industry trends.

For example, our successful case is an appeal against the decision of the AMCU to refuse to consider an application for misleading buyers about the actual cost of tickets to the song contest “Eurovision 2017: Grand Final”, as well as regarding the abuse of the monopoly position by the PE by establishing additional services in the amount of 10% of the ticket price and their payment as a mandatory condition for purchasing a ticket.

The Law Firm “Kravets & Partners” offers clients optimal, business-oriented solutions and a cost-effective strategy within the requirements of the competition law of Ukraine and the obligations assumed by Ukraine under international contracts.

The law firm shall consult clients on issues of unfair competition, abuse of monopoly position and anticompetitive concerted actions, obtaining permits (preliminary conclusions) for concentration (concerted actions), and assessing the risks of applying penalties.

The Law Firm "Kravets & partners" shall provide the following services:

Separately, it should be noted that appeals against the procedure of public procurement (tenders) are also appealed to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

The lawyers of the Law Firm "Kravets & partners" have practical experience in matters related to protection of clients' interests when participating in the public procurement procedure, namely:
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