Consumers’ rights protection

A Law of Ukraine “On Consumers’ Rights Protection” is in force in Ukraine since 1991. This law regulates the relations between the consumers of goods, works and services and the manufacturers and sellers of goods, performers of works and providers of different forms of ownership, establishes rights of consumers and also defines a mechanism to protect them and the basis of state policy in the field of consumers’ protection.
If you encounter a violation of your rights as a consumer of financial services, professionals of the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” are ready to provide all services to protect those rights. Starting with the out-of-court settlement of the dispute and reaching a compromise on compensation, ending with representation in court.
Professional assessment of the situation will help to make the right conclusions and decide whether it makes sense to sue or it is hopeless.
The principle of our work is not to litigate for the sake of the process. Paramount for us is our clients and controversial situation only obstacle that must be decided in a judicial or other order. Our company is ready to take all necessary steps to protect your interests.
You are free to engage in the representation of your interests in court, but, except for loss of time, there is risk of improper execution of procedural documents that can worsen your situation in litigation.
However, the trial is not always the only right choice. There are situations where a dispute can be resolved much more quickly through negotiations, which will save you time and money.