Commercial and Customs Law

Commercial and Customs Law

Globalization of markets, joining the World Trade Organization, European integration of Ukraine are inevitably associated with the companies entering new markets, increasing revenues, and attracting the protocol of foreign investment and capital to the territory of our country.

At the same time, it should be remembered that foreign economic activity requires knowledge and understanding not only of the legislation of Ukraine, but also of the legislation of the contracting states and international contracts.

In addition, foreign economic activity is associated not only with revenue increase, but also with the emergence of new risks that accompany it.

Legal support in this industry includes providing advice on trade and regulatory issues, concluding the agreements and executing the contracts, conducting the negotiations related to contractual obligations, providing legal support for trade finance, distribution and franchising, resolving disputes, analyzing risks and searching for optimal and effective solutions.

Thus, the Law Firm "Kravets & Partners" is ready to provide the following services in the field of foreign economic activity:
  • consulting clients on application of the international trade rules, various forms of payment, insurance, transportation, export and import taxes and fees;
  • development of schemes of international trade and other international projects, planning, preparation of documentation and support for the implementation of international transactions, legal support of export and import transactions, export-import trade operations;
  • drafting and analyzing various types of foreign economic agreements and contracts (purchase and sale, delivery, distribution, license agreements, agency agreements, partnership agreements and confidentiality agreements, etc.);
  • consulting and support of multinational transactions for both Ukrainian and foreign clients;
  • contractual structuring of international trade operations, development of optimal contractual and business schemes;
  • preparation and support of negotiations with foreign counterparties;
  • support for the implementation of international trade contracts;
  • representation of interests in the arbitration court;
  • representation of clients' interests in various regulatory bodies and government agencies;
  • legal support of obtaining licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine for the purpose of investing abroad and performing other currency operations.

The implementation of foreign economic activity usually directly involves cooperation with the customs authorities.

Among the problems faced by many companies involved in international trade with Ukrainian residents, there is the customs legislation of Ukraine, the effect of various export and import restrictions. Very often, the cause of a dispute is the activities of the customs authorities themselves.

Interaction with customs authorities, among other things, is related to the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine, their customs control, customs clearance and declaration, collection of customs payments, application of methods for determining the customs value of goods, classification and coding systems for goods.

Thus, the Law Firm "Kravets & Partners" is ready to provide the following services in the field of customs relations:
  • receipt of approval documents (certificates, conclusions, approvals);
  • appeals against the card of refusal to perform customs clearance of goods, vehicles;
  • appeal against the decisions of the customs authority to determine the product code;
  • appeal against the decision of the customs authority to adjust the customs value of the goods;
  • representation of clients' interests in cases of violation of customs rules;
  • return of payments that were erroneously paid and/or overpaid to the budget;
  • return of goods illegally confiscated by customs.
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