Commercial and Customs Law


Ukraine’s accession to the WTO has become an event which was associated with both high expectations and a mixed assessment on the viability of such a step, related to the adoption of new and changing many of the old rules and conditions for international trade with Ukraine.
However, international trade, moreover, are almost never subject to the rules of only one legal system, and is affected by the domestic law of the importer and exporter and the effect of international norms, rules and customs, a good choice and combination of which predetermines the success and efficiency of international trade.
Among the problems faced by many companies that are involved in international trade with the Ukrainian residents, is the customs legislation of Ukraine, the effect of various export and import restrictions, including on natural resources/raw materials.
Help of lawyers of the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” includes advice on a variety of regulatory issues, including customs tariffs and duties, quotas and benefits, classification and evaluation of trade policy issues, representation of clients in customs’ disputes, trade and other regulatory investigations, courts and in international commercial arbitration.
The law firm “Kravets and Partners” has experience in complex accompany of the activities of transnational companies, contract structuring of their international trade operations and development of optimal contractual and business schemes.
In light of the increased cooperation of private and public sectors of the market, we provide legal support for the negotiation and execution of franchising (franchise), support of operations with goods made on commission.
Services of the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” in this area include: clients’ consulting on the application of international trade rules, various forms of international payments, international insurance, transportation, import and export taxes and fees. Development of schemes of international trade and other international projects, planning, preparation of documentation and maintenance of international transactions, legal support of export and import transactions. Representation of clients in government agencies.