Division of marital property. Marriage contracts.

Division of marital property. Marriage contracts.

Dissolution of marriage is a rather exciting and unpleasant stage in life, which causes its participants a lot of spiritual suffering. Namely division of marital property quite often becomes the main “stumbling block” that prevents the husband and wife from resolving this issue calmly.

The team of lawyers of the Law firm “Kravets & Partners” will protect your interests in the division of marital property, and it will not allow you to turn this process into an endless judicial red tape.

When dividing the marital property, the court shall take into account three object categories:

The practice of resolving disputes on the division of marital property shows that the parties to the conflict quite often resort to falsification of documents, in particular, receipts to reduce the share of another spouse in the real property due to artificially invented debts of the spouses.

Also, one of the strategies of deviation from equality of shares may be the requirement to recognize the joint marital property as the personal property that will certainly violate the interests of another spouse.

The lawyers of the Law firm “Kravets & Partners” will help you develop an effective strategy for protecting your property interests when dividing the marital property. We did not allow our opponents to reduce your share of the common property unreasonably.

Our team believes in the strength and effectiveness of negotiations during resolution of the issue of division of marital property, in this regard, the best argument in the negotiations will be the validity and clarity of our position in court.

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