Intellectual property right. Protection of intellectual property.

Intellectual property right. Protection of intellectual property.

The intellectual property rights, in particular, include: literary and artistic works; computer programs; data compilations (databases); implementations; phonograms, videograms, transmissions (programs) of broadcasting organizations; scientific discoveries; inventions, utility models, industrial designs; layout of semiconductor products; innovation proposals; plant varieties, animal breeds; commercial (firm) names, trademarks (marks for goods and services), geographical indications; trade secrets.

Each individual object of intellectual property right has its own characteristics both in terms of the method of registration of rights to it, and in terms of the method of security and protection in case of violation of such rights.

The most common types of violations are: piracy, use of intellectual property rights without the owner’s permission or going beyond the granted permission, and so on.

As you know, property and non-property rights constitute the right of ownership of intellectual property rights. It should be noted that problems regarding security and protection of intellectual property rights quite often arise when the license, license contract, the agreement on creation and use of the object of intellectual property right, the agreement on transfer of exclusive intellectual property right, another agreement on disposal of intellectual property rights contain fairly general and unclear conditions that complicate protection of the interests of the owner, as well as in matters of obtaining royalties or lump-sum payments, so it is very important at the stage of concluding the contract to use the help of the lawyers, who will be able to professionally and maximally protect your rights at this stage, such lawyers work in the Law Firm “Kravets & Partners”.

Thus, the Law Firm "Kravets & Partners" shall provide the following services in the field of intellectual property right:
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