Criminal cases. Protection from criminal prosecution.

Criminal cases. Protection from criminal prosecution.

One of the most important and responsible things is the criminal sphere of law. The process in such a way is usually divided into two stages: pre-trial investigation and legal proceedings. However, in cases that may have further developments, our team also identifies another stage, such as prevention of the criminal offense, as previously observing the norms of the law and receiving appropriate legal assistance, you can avoid the next two stages by performing actions within the law and achieving the goal set by the client.

However, returning to the two generally accepted stages in the field of criminal procedure, much attention should be paid to the pre-trial investigation stage. As all fundamental and significant actions are performed at this stage, what will later have its imprint on the stage of legal proceedings. In general, all criminal proceedings, which have passed or are passing the stage of pre-trial investigation, have a lot of deficiencies and gaps in conduction of certain actions of the pre-trial investigation authorities, which very often do not adhere to the requirements of the criminal procedure code due to their ignorance or abuse of their position, which, depending on the circumstances, will have a negative or positive result for each of the parties in the future.

Even the pre-trial investigation authorities very often commit violations of the norms of the criminal procedure code consciously, due to the circumstances beyond their control, and which of course do not indicate during the legal proceedings.

However, such deficiencies in each individual case should be considered individually, as the mistakes made by the pre-trial investigation authorities at the pre-trial investigation stage may have negative consequences for the injured party in the future, and therefore presence of the professional attorney in such cases is necessary to prevent and/or initiate actions that will correct the mistakes of the pre-trial investigation authorities.

However, in parallel with the above, for the defense side, the pre-trial investigation authorities may perform actions that do not always need to be indicated at the pre-trial investigation stage, as in the future the last ones may play a positive role in the examination of evidence and proving the guilt of the person accused by the prosecutor.

Thus, the above causes the need for the injured party or the defense party to receive professional legal assistance from the very beginning of development of the events and/or when the person became aware of the entry of information about it in the Unified state register of pre-trial investigations.

The Law firm “Kravets & Partners” has highly qualified specialists with many years of experience and experience of work in the pre-trial investigation authorities, which gives an advantage in identifying gaps and additions in conduction of cases in the field of criminal law.

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