Defense in criminal cases involving crimes in the field of entrepreneurship

Recently, the list of priority spheres for government attention was replenished by strengthening the role of law-enforcement agencies to control the economic activities of entrepreneurs and citizens. There is a direct evidence of desire of the State to strengthen the role of law-enforcement agencies. This is confirmed by many direct and indirect signs.

The vast experience in the conducting of criminal cases on economic crimes allows our lawyers to provide our customers with all necessary assistance in the relevant critical situations professionally and quickly.

Employees of our company – the leading criminal law experts – are also experts in

commercial law, well versed in the economic activity of an enterprise, carry out an analysis of specific economic schemes, are well acquainted with the working methods of economic law-enforcement agencies, have big experience in law enforcement and state agencies.

Thorough knowledge of all parts of the criminal process in conjunction with the principles of detailed analysis of each situation, allows our lawyers to get positive results at any stage of interaction with the client, starting with a useful and authoritative consultation and finishing with representation of the interests on a specific criminal case.