Tax planning and consulting. Administrative proceedings

Current Ukrainian legislation limits the intervention of regulatory and other bodies in the activities of economic entities. But how can we identify these boundaries and normalize relations with the authorities and their officials solely on a legal basis within the limits of their authority? It is very important to react promptly and adequately on the actions of tax authorities.
Officials of the company in their intercourse with the tax authorities shall act in accordance with current legislation, know and use their rights in full, also possess the necessary information on rights and responsibilities of controllers, types of ongoing inspections of their order, the execution of their results as well as order of an appeal against judgments or actions of public officials to be able to prevent violations of the inspection bodies.
This problem is easily achievable with the assistance of a competent lawyer who will take responsibility for interaction with regulatory authorities with a subsequent settlement of arising legal issues.
The Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” provides the following services in the area of tax law:
• Protection of interests during tax and other inspections, preparation of comments on the acts of the inspection;
• Appeals against decisions on bringing to justice of the taxpayer;
• Legal services on settlement of tax disputes in the administrative procedure;
• Legal services on protection of the interests of the administrative courts (annulment of decisions of tax authorities, challenging action/inaction of officials, etc.);
• Reimbursement of overpaid taxes from the budget;
• VAT refunding;
• Legal services on appeal for regulatory and non-challenging actions of state power and administration that violates the rights of the taxpayer;
• Tax consulting.
In addition, we offer our clients a full range of legal services in tax planning and optimization with the use of foreign jurisdictions, consulting on the application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation, consulting on the choice of place of incorporation (the territory and jurisdiction), the legal form, formation the list of founders and shares in the authorized capital, consulting to individuals and legal entities on all tax matters, consulting on the taxation of foreign investments as well as other issues of tax law. In addition, we represent our clients in the organs of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.
We offer a full range of legal services to corporate clients and individuals, namely:
• Tax planning and optimization in Ukraine and abroad;
• The application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation;
• Consulting on the choice of place of incorporation (the territory and jurisdiction), organizational and legal forms;
• Consulting on the tax regulations in Ukraine and support in dealing with foreign tax consultants;
• Structuring, registration and support of current activities of foreign companies in the world;
• Taxation of foreign investments.
In providing our clients with advice in the area of tax law, we, first of all, are striving to develop practical and commercially viable solutions to meet the needs of our clients on all aspects of their activities and operations in the domestic and international markets.