Civil and Commercial Litigation, International Arbitration


The major way to resolve foreign disputes is an international commercial arbitration in the current conditions of international economics and business. Most contracts with foreign counterparts contain an arbitration clause under which the parties shall refer a dispute to resolution in international arbitration. That is why more and more businessmen are faced with the problem of protection of their interests in such courts.
Unfortunately, quite often in our practice we are confronted with a situation when signing a foreign trade contract businessmen pay attention to an arbitration clause and choice of arbitration and, consequently, in the event of disputes under the contract are faced with the need to resolve it by arbitration with the procedures and regulations with which they are not familiar.
The unification of the arbitration regulations, implemented on the basis of international multilateral conventions and other international instruments on international commercial arbitration greatly contributed to solving this problem. However, even after the unification of the above, the impact of national legislation on the legal regulation of international arbitration is decisive.
Thus, despite the fact that Ukraine is a member of the UNO New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Decisions dated June 10, 1958, and the text of the Law of Ukraine “On International Commercial Arbitration” is based on the UNCITRAL model law “On International Commercial Arbitration”, the situation with the adoption and implementation of decisions of arbitration tribunals in Ukraine is rather ambiguous.
Representation of interests in the Commercial Court
The Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” provides services for the business management, representation of interests in economic courts of Ukraine.
One of the fundamental principles of our work is individual approach to each client and confidentiality while cooperation with you.
Our activities:
• Analysis of materials and preparation of conclusion;
• Preparation of necessary documents for appeal to the economic court;
• Participating in court proceedings;
• Preparation of procedural documents;
• Preparation of appeal and cassation complaints;
• Appeal against decisions and determinations in the case;
• Case support in order of execution.
Interest intermediation in courts on civil disputes
Lawyers of our company propose for You services on protection of rights in courts on civil disputes.
We propose following services:

  • Disputes arose between co-owners of business;
  • Disputes as to eligibility of heritage, consultancy and assistance in its receipt;
  • Housing disputes;
  • Land disputes;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Consumer right protection;
  • Disputes arose with insurance companies;
  • Collecting caused harm;
  • Collecting debts;
  • Execution of judgments.