Copyright and Media Law

New works of science, literature and art, which are the subject to intellectual property rights, find its expression in the course of commercial activities.Current practice shows numerous violations of property and moral rights of authors, violations of intellectual property in the form of unlawful seizure of authorship to someone else’s work.Therefore, the objects of intellectual property need an adequate legal protection.For implementation and protection of your rights on objects of intellectual property, the Law Firm “Kravets and Partners” offers the following list of legal services:

• Documentary registration and protection of rights for a trade secret;
• Representing the interests of the owner of intellectual property in public offices, other institutions and organizations;
• Development of draft agreements on the transfer of copyrights, licensing agreements for the exclusive and non-exclusive use of the objects of intellectual property rights and other legal documents;
• Exercising of judicial protection of intellectual property rights;
• Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial samples;
• Registration of copyrights and related rights for works (artistic, literary, audiovisual, etc.).
• Preparation and development of licensing agreements, agreements for the assignment of rights for the object of intellectual property, franchising;
• Registration of trade marks.